TRP (Gun Hill)
TRP (Gun Hill)

Even Steven Levee - The Bass Master General
Even Steven Levee

From The Street To Your Ear - i-Potato Music

i=potato music presents Lumpy and Homefry. Follow Lumpy and Homefry on their trip through the New York City's East Village in search of the Bog Ol Boom Boom. Remember, if it's i-potato, you are going to want to lick your plate!! (photo by Ry Preuss)

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Protected By Love
"Protected By Love" Newest CD from Barbara Lee George produced by Even Steven Levee

Help Us Eat
"Help Us Eat" EP from Gun Hill

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MC Magic D
MC Magic D

Phoenix Bird
Rising Project
New from Phoenix Bird Rising Project - The Robin Hood Song

"From the street to your ear if it's i-Potato, you're gonna wanna lick your plate"

"Out Of This World" the new release from TRP (Gun Hill)
This is the new release from Gun Hill's TRP
"Out Of This World"

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99 percent

Joy Ryder & the Rhythm Club with Even Steven Levee

TrP (Gun Hill) with Mission
Jim Saten, Roderick Kohn, Chuck Hancock, Nat Seeley
and whole bunch of amazing entities

i-potato music present-Big Ol Boom Boom - don't forget to check out their video
The Adventures Of

Lumpy 'n' Homefry

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i-potato music is an ASCAP affiliate